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Welcome to Expansion Miladys! — ゆっくりしていってね!

Expansion Miladys is a collection of 10,000 generative pfpNFT's in a neochibi aesthetic inspired by street style tribes.
5000 Free claims for Pixelady, Shizoposter, Radbro, Bored milady, Milady Aura, Radcat, Streets of Milady, Oekaki, Bitcoin Milady and Kawamii teens holders, as well as all Remilia asset holders.
2000 free claims are reserved for Bitcoin Milady holders

Expansion Milady Collection

miladys rotating, milady maker, many miladys
Minting Monday, 10th of July on Scatter!
All profits will sweep Miladys and Bitcoin Miladys. OG Miladys will be staked in NFTX

miladys rotating, milady maker, many miladys

Milady style is inspired by the subcultural fashion tribes of Y2K Japan.


The rarity hierarchy of the traits is flipped, meaning there's a high chance to get a rare trait such as "Alien Skin" or the legendary "Migoko hat"

An alient Dubai hat Milady with a tennis outfit is every Milady Collectors dream!

Expansion Milady's produce eclectic but spiritually coherent outfits.

Style themes

Milady's generate a variety of accessories, but the two primary cosmetics - Hat & Shirt - are each divided into five major style themes inspired by Tokyo fashion tribes:











We love a cute Expansion Milady!

About Expansion Milady — エキスパンションプリンセスについて

Expansion Milady is a Milady Maker expansion project with art by Milady Sonora Sprite and design by Charlotte Fang.

Read the Design Notes.

Expansion Milady Community Discord | Expansion Milady official Twitter

All Milady Maker branding, assets and NFT's are copylefted under the Viral Public License